Great images tell great stories

Having a designer behind the lens creates images that better fit the vision.

Howard has studied photography from an early age. He had his first darkroom (remember those?) at the age of ten. He adheres to the credo that great pictures happen six inches behind the lens. Creative thinking and photographic knowledge are key to great images. No instagram filter will ever replace this.

Over the years, product photography has become a speciality for us. We know how to light and compose images for both print and online catalogs, advertising and social media promotion.

We also know and enjoy working with some of the best photographers around. Getting great, evocative, professional images is often the key to effective design. In an era where everyone has a digital camera in their pocket, knowing how to create professional and relevant pictures is even more important.

We shoot, people, things and places. Most images you’ll see on this site were taken by shortcreative.

Regardless of where the images originate, we are all Photoshop experts and make even supplied images look their best in print and on screen.